How To Use Echoes of Faith Plus

Echoes of Faith Plus is a basic-level, video-assisted resource for the formation, training, and enrichment of adults who have taken responsibility for handing on the Catholic faith, especially catechists in parish and Catholic school settings. Echoes was sponsored and developed by the National Conference for Catechet-ical Leadership (NCCL) and produced by RCL • Resources for Christian Living.

The Echoes project is divided into three series of modules:

The Catechist:

Three modules


Four Modules for different grade levels of children and youth
One module for facilitators of adult faith formation
One overview module on human and faith development


Four modules treating the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, plus a fifth module introducing Sacred Scripture. (Note: These modules can also be used for general adult faith formation.)

The main components of each module are:

  • DVD
    The DVD is comprised of a four–segment video process related to the module content plus two related expert interviews.
  • Companion Booklet
    The booklet anchors the Echoes process. Each booklet begins with an article for spiritual formation and a prayer. The booklet then provides a four–segment process of reflection, discussion, faith sharing and prayer as the participant moves back and forth between the DVD and print material. Each segment includes a follow-up article to enrich and extend your learning. The back of the booklet offers a series of related articles and resources. These resources and the two bonus interviews on the DVD could provide material for additional training sessions.
  • CD-ROM
    The CD features compressed files that offer a way to review the basic video content of the four segments. However, it does not include the interviews found on the DVD. The CD-Rom is included at no charge with each companion booklet.

The length of time required to complete each module varies with the length of the DVD and how it is used. This module should take approximately four hours to process. The key to success with Echoes of Faith Plus is your willingness to engage in the complete process. Ideally, your reflection process will take place in a group setting that models the kind of Christian community you wish to establish in your own faith sharing groups. If you must process the module alone, share your insights later in a group setting or with a friend in ministry.